How People Learn – Project Overview

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As part of the learning experience of participating in T127, I will be joining the  “How People Learn” design team.

Together, we will be designing a new, personalized, (mostly) online course through which  incoming HGSE students will get a jumpstart into the basics of education. Already at the 2nd and last semester of HGSE, I can see how this project will have profound impact on incoming students. I found myself having to make a lot of decisions without enough information about education and I truly believe this course will provide students with enough prior knowledge to make better decisions when it comes to class selection and pursuit of particular projects. 

I am excited to be a part of the HPL project because in many ways it should not only share the content of How People Learn, but model it. We have a huge challenge ahead in: personalizing the course, building foundational knowledge, and providing a space for transfer an real-life application. This online course will culminate in a Design Challenge with an in-person component. As I research how to support learners to go from idea to action, I will be seeking out opportunities to design how to support learners on their transition from offline to offline, and furthermore, make the in-person component optimal for transfer. 

Unsure of our specific roles in this project, I am looking forward to designing, prototyping, and testing whenever possible 🙂

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